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Pennisetum 'Pure Energy' Awarded Best of Show

12/14/23 — Best of Show at the Penn State Trials is awarded to the cultivars that receive a perfect score through all ratings. Best of Species goes to cultivars that have the highest rating in their species. Intrinsic Introductions’ Pennisetum ‘Pure Energy’ received Best of Show and Best of Species for Ornamental Grasses. This golden fountain grass is the first hardy grass with wide gold foliage for full sun. Substantial blades on this variety are a half-inch wide and showy, peaking in July just before the reddish bottlebrush flowers appear. It works well in containers, too.

Another of Brent’s plants received a Best of Show award in the Eupatorium category, ‘Blind Date’. This cultivar is a native wetland species. Chocolate-red foliage is topped with milky white flowers on three-foot stems in July. Plants thrive in full sun and moist to average soil, and they combine easily with other varieties.

Director’s Select is noted when a cultivar receives a final overall rating of 4.6 or higher. Intrinsic Introductions’ Aster ‘Thunderdome’ received this meritorious citation in the Aster category. A hybrid, it has the purple flower of New England aster and the fragrant foliage and bushy substantial habit of aromatic aster. Plants grow large in the garden, three to four feet tall and up to three feet wide. ‘Thunderdome’s’ purple is a new color break in this type of aster.