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2024 Genetics and Supply Catalog from Intrinsic Introductions

Scirpus 'Stars and Stripes' Covered

01-15-24 — Intrinsic Introductions releases the 2024 Genetics & Supply catalog featuring Scirpus pendulum 'Stars and Stripes' PPAF as the cover article. This year’s catalog includes the full line of breeding from Brent Horvath, new plant introductions for 2024, formal names for each plant, and input sources for the trade along with photos and descriptions of each cultivar.


New Plants for 2024

“Scirpus pendulum ‘Stars and Stripes’ PPAF comes across as a yellow-green carex, but it is one of the graceful plants of the wet prairie, well adapted for both seasons of flooding and drought.” You’ll learn more about this versatile bullrush and the conditions it thrives in along with its potential for both commercial and residential applications.

Other new plants this year include Bouteloua 'Sunset Prairie', Pycnanthemum 'Smokey Mountain Mint' PPAF, and Vernonia x 'Over My Head', plus Andropogon, Panicum, Phlox, and Sesleria, and many native varieties. All are unique, highly regarded cultivars bred for their beauty as well as their durability and usefulness in the garden.

Details Inside

Each cultivar in the 2024 Full Line of Breeding has its own entry with a detailed description and beautiful up-close photograph. Along with its species and significant features, most descriptions include the plant’s size, light requirement, and soil preference. In addition, each entry includes information regarding patent number/status, exclusive license, royalty, and plug availability.

Grass and grass-like cultivars appear in a green field to differentiate them from the other perennials. Native genera are also marked. A comparison chart lists input sources for unrooted cuttings (UR), tissue culture (TC), and bare root. Additionally there is a list of licensed propagators, from the United States, Canada, Europe, and the world.